At A Better Start Southend we want to do things differently: helping people create great services that make a real difference to parents and children.

We want to find new ways to think about services for families; testing approaches that have worked well in other areas or may never have been tried before.

We’re focusing on projects that are either:

  • based on ideas that have worked elsewhere, so we can see if they work in Southend
  • based on the newest scientific thinking, so we can see if they work in practice
  • driven by creative new ideas that deserve an opportunity to prove themselves

Our current projects are:

  • Crèche services: helping crèche service workers to support the children they look after in the best way possible.
  • Family Focussed GPs: finding new ways to deliver services for families. (Coming soon)
  • Family Nurse Partnership: supporting first time parents aged under 19 and their children.
  • Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED): encouraging dads to read with their children – every day!
  • Healthy Early Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY): helping the whole family develop a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • Let’s Talk: fun-packed communication courses helping parents, carers and young people develop their communications skills.
  • Southend Early Autism Support (SEAS): offering opportunities for parents to talk about their experiences and support their children’s learning through play and practical activities.
  • Work Skills: practical opportunities for parents of children aged under 4 who are looking to get back into work.

And this year we will be adding new projects designed with the local community to help Southend’s children enjoy a healthier start in life.

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