A Better Start Southend Work Skills

A Better Start Southend Work Skills is a project supporting parents and carers of children under four years of age and expectant parents into work, volunteering and education. They run five free events are run each month to inspire and provide new skills to attendees.

Read how mum-of-two Aarna accessed their support to start her own business.

Aarna loves being a mum to her two boys Rabin (2) and Devesh (4), but she was excited to begin a journey into something new for herself. Deciding that starting a new business would give her the flexibility she needed with her children, Aarna looked to the A Better Start Southend Work Skills team for guidance.

Because Aarna lives in Victoria ward, Amir, Sarah and Hera from the team were able to sign her up to Intro2Enterprise; a short course to support parents in putting their ideas into practise and turning them into a viable business.

Aarna is now self-employed, and has started her own business as a massage therapist! She said of the session:

I found it very helpful, and it improved my confidence. It has given me the flexibility I needed to work and take care of two young children, and my annual income has definitely increased.

Join Aarna in realising her dreams, and sign up to one of our Work Skills courses.

The Intro2Enterprise course provides 4 sessions covering topics such as marketing and finance. The aim is for parents to develop their business ideas and learn about self-employment. The final session includes a marketplace where they can get information and support from services such as BEST Growth Hub, High Street banks, and DWP.  November’s marketplace even featured on the ITV News at Ten.

If you are interested in attending such a course in the future, please contact workskills@southend.gov.uk or keep a look out for details on our events page.

Look out for news of a new project in which ABSS Work Skills are partnering with our local hospital and other local organisations to provide routes into NHS work.

More details in next month’s e-newsletter.

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