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A Better Start Southend’s Stance on Anti-racism

Our Pledge

At A Better Start Southend, we are firmly committed to being an anti-racist partnership. We commit to fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated, and lived experiences are heard and valued. We pledge to actively challenge racism within ABSS by ensuring anti-racist practices are in place and are included in our guiding documents, as well as continuing the conversation on race.

Individuals from the ABSS Programme Management Team have been thinking about what being actively anti-racist means to them and have made the following commitments:

“To make sure I create a space and opportunity for equality… for the community around me.”

“To be a better ally to all People of Colour by knowing when it is good to listen and good to speak.”

“Address my own biases on a regular basis.”

“STOP: being silent START: the conversation with my family to raise awareness.”

“Reflect on my language and establish my anti-racist script [to respond when others are behaving in a racist way]. Consider anti-racist practice and within my locus of control, implement change to be actively anti-racist.”

“Be curious about other people’s views and experiences, particularly those demonstrating racist or non-racist mantras, and ask them to tell me more.”

“I will challenge racism including racist microaggressions at every opportunity, using different methods and tools, even when it feels socially awkward. I will read more about anti-racist actions and ideas in order to find ways to move forwards as an ally.”

“Expand my reading and listening to improve my world view.”

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