We are excited to say that the ABSS Research Group has been approved by our Partnership Board from 2018/2019 onwards. This is an exciting development which will make a contribution to our ambitions for young children and their families in Southend.

This multi-disciplinary group will support and advise the ABSS Partnership Board with the view to developing a culture of research and evidence in systems change, while at the same time building research capacity across the partnership.

As a result we are looking for members from ABSS partners who have an interest in systems thinking and change research and evidence, for example how partners:

  • Co-produce integrated services with clear pathways;
  • Improve the infrastructure to support service delivery (including service design);
  • Develop and exchange knowledge, learning and evidence in relation to early intervention and prevention;
  • Develop collaborative commissioning models;
  • Distribute their leadership;
  • Support evidence-based workforce development;
  • Work together to deliver early intervention and prevention outcomes, and to integrate outcomes frameworks;
  • Use evidence from implementation and improvement science.

The group will meet three times a year, facilitated by ABSS, and collaborate electronically as required. Members will also benefit from expert advice as agreed by the group.

In the first year (April 2018-March 2019) a budget for travel and expenses for the group has been agreed. However, in addition it is requested that nominated members from the partnership will be funded by their employing organisations in the form of leverage funding.

If you would like any further information (e.g. draft terms of reference and action plan) about this opportunity, please contact Rachel Wood, ABSS Service Design and Researcher at rachel.wood@pre-school.org.uk or 01702 356050


Article published December 2017

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