Visiting the Better Start Bradford Innovation Hub

At A Better Start Southend, we’re always looking for ways of working with others and learning from and contributing to existing evidence.

The Innovation Hub brings together leading academics from the Universities of York, Bradford and Leeds to research and evaluate the effectiveness of the Better Start Bradford projects.

Jane had heard about the great work happening at the Hub and decided to make the four-hour trip to pick their brains. She says:

“In order to design and deliver the best services for children and families in Southend, we need to take notice of what’s being done elsewhere. The Bradford team, for example, has had some great success in working with midwives, so I wanted to find out more about that so we can apply it here. Equally, Bradford is looking to develop better ties with their local health visitors – something that’s already working well for us in many areas of Southend.

“The visit gave us a chance to exchange ideas and experiences – something that will be crucial to the success of all the Better Start sites across the country.”

And the learning has continued as Jane and the team here hosted members of Better Start Bradford in Southend this week looking at service design for one of the projects.

For more information on the Bradford Innovation Hub click here.


Article published December 2016

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