Childcare staff trained to help reinforce healthy choices

This month (January 2017) a new ‘Mobile Crèche’ project is being launched by A Better Start Southend to give childcare professionals the healthy eating and lifestyle skills training already being offered to parents. With the knowledge to help families develop healthier and more active lifestyles, childcare staff can help reinforce the good habits that children are learning at home every time they come into contact with them, using the same language and approach that the children’s parents do.

Local crèche staff who have signed up to be part of the project will take part in the A Better Start Southend HENRY programme, which stands for ‘Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young’ and helps families develop a healthier and more active lifestyle. The professionals will be able to pass on knowledge and encourage good habits amongst the families they work with every day.

Over time childcare staff will also be able to deliver the HENRY project training to parents.

Jane Youdale, Southend’s social and emotional development lead, says:

“The idea came out of our conversations with parents and has tremendous potential as it helps to increase the capacity of what we can offer to parents and children. By joining things up and working creatively with professionals as well as families, we’ll be able to transform outcomes for children across Southend.”



Article published January 2017

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