Free childhood illnesses guide for parents

A free guide to common childhood illnesses is now available to all families in Southend. The handbook, created by A Better Start Southend in partnership with Public Health and NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group, walks parents through what to do when their child is ill, including how to treat them at home, and when to speak to a health visitor, call a doctor or contact the emergency services.

The handbook is easy to use and covers problems that might affect both parents and children up to the age of four, including colic, coughs and earache, chickenpox, post-natal depression, and more serious illnesses like meningitis.

Local GP Dr Kate Barusya, North Avenue Surgery, says:

“This is a great resource and I hope that parents keep it close to hand. There are lots of tips for first time mums and dads, but there is also plenty of advice for carers who may have a bit more experience. Raising a healthy, happy baby can be challenging and it is important people have access to accurate, detailed information to help them make informed choices about their child’s health. Reading up about what to expect before your child gets poorly means it’s much less stressful if they do.”

The guide can be accessed for free here.

Article published November 2016