Co-production means involving parents and professionals equally in identifying needs, solutions and how these are developed. Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS) are leading this work for ABSS, working on engaging parents within the ABSS areas in the different aspects of Better Start programme. The work on co-production is helping bring about the systematic change we are seeking to achieve.

The Co-production project involves:

  • Implementing a community Better Start focused Engagement Grant programme run by parents.
  • Mapping and supporting the development of new and current volunteering opportunities in the city that meet the needs and aspirations of parents as part of a route to employment.
  • Developing and delivering a progressive volunteer training programme to reflect the different levels of involvement in the opportunities ABSS offers and tie in to wider volunteering and co-production opportunities for post ABSS age range involvement.
  • Co-producing and implementing a city-wide parent engagement model (structure, governance, systems and processes) in line with the developing governance arrangements for ABSS providing different opportunities for different levels of participation and involvement to meet all parents.
  • The development and delivery of a co-produced training programme for Parent Champions, that will see Parent champions become the trainers.
  • Developing the role and function of Parent Champions, to develop with the pilot, with the parents defining how it goes forward.
  • Implementing a city-wide co-production strategy alongside parents and ABSS partners
  • Exploring how to involve the wider voluntary and community sector and their workforce further in ABSS.
  • Development of Ward Panels with representatives from the voluntary and community sector, parents, local community leaders and professionals working in the wards.

To find out more about or get involved in any of the above please call 01702 356069 or email

Do you want to know more about the impact that Parent Champions have on A Better Start Southend and their local communities? Visit our Youtube channel and listen to members of the ABSS workforce talk about our network of inspiring volunteers!