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What is a WellComm screen?

The WellComm screen is a simple, child friendly tool for assessing your little one’s communication and language development.

It can identify areas where your little one might need further support and then provides simple activities to help address these areas. The screen offers 5 age appropriate questions or tasks about your child’s understanding of language and then 5 further questions or tasks about their use of language.

At what age can my little one be screened?

The screen can be carried out with children from 6 months up to 6 years. However, if you live in one of the A Better Start Southend wards, you might find that your little one is screened at different age milestones; you might be offered a screen when your baby is under 1 year by the Health Visiting Team, when they are 23 months old by members of the A Better Start ‘Let’s Talk’ team (who are Specialist Speech and Language Therapists and their assistants), and then again, at a later date, at any age up to 4 years by a familiar adult in your child’s Early Years setting.

So that we can share the results of your little one’s screen, you might be asked to fill in an A Better Start Southend WellComm screen consent form.

What happens if my little one needs support?

Support might be offered in a variety of ways. You might be encouraged to take your little one to one of the ‘Let’s Talk’ team’s groups or courses, where tips and ideas will be shared with you.

Your little one’s early years provider might simply give you some activities to try at home, that mirror what they will be doing with your little one, in the setting.

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