The purpose behind ABSS Communications Strategy is to tell the ABSS story and build our legacy, to reach every family and to promote positive social change. The ABSS Communications Calendar includes key and ‘heartbeat’ moments that support the delivery of that strategy. The highlights in the forthcoming quarter are:

  • A workshop on Co-production Week (date)
  • Promotion of our work on breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week (1st-7th August)

The Communications team has met with Delivery Partners to develop more bespoke communication plans for the projects within the ABSS Programme. This includes plans for the marketing of two new projects this month, namely the ‘Families Growing Together’ project and the new Parent, Family and Community Hub at SAVS.

The ABSS Staff Communications Group meets regularly to formulate the plans to promote social change through ‘heartbeat’ moments. The Eating Well for Less campaign signposted families to the support available from local food banks and the food voucher scheme. The campaign featured recipes and cooking videos. This was the best performing ABSS post, reaching 8,500 people, and a second post reaching 5,124 people. This campaign also received 71 likes, 5 comments and 7 shares across social media. Altogether, the campaign reached 20,000 people. The social media campaign focused on National Walking Month is going well. ABSS has been exploring the myths associated with child development and walking, such as ‘All babies crawl before they can walk’ (they don’t!). The team has also been promoting Little Wildlife Explorers, a relaxed nature walk around Shoebury Park organised by the SAVS Engagement team.

ABSS participated in an event to promote greater focus on infant mental health amongst system leaders and professionals. Dr Ellen Auty provided a talk on the importance of building positive infant mental health to ensure babies have optimal opportunities to grow and develop their emotional and social wellbeing, the recording of which can be found here. She introduced the work of the Baby Together team in providing support and intervention for parents and their infants in Southend.

A public launch of YourFamily is planned for late October 2021 and this will include a proposal being sent to three media agencies in June. This will help ABSS with the plans to deliver a comprehensive campaign over a range of channels targeted at families in Southend.

Rhiannon Jones, ABSS Communications and Marketing Officer, met with the Tourism and Leisure team from SBC who are looking to maximise the opportunity that the ‘Hares About Town’ initiative provides. ABSS will be reaching out to Delivery Partners over the next few weeks to develop ideas on how to involve young children and their families in this family fun event.

The Southend Evening Echo published an article on the support ABSS has been providing to parents, Early Years practitioners and teachers to encourage children’s language development. This followed national media coverage on how children’s speech has been impacted by the pandemic crisis.

The Communications and Marketing team are looking to recruit a Digital Marketing Apprentice. ABSS has sourced a great Partner in Cambridge College and the training will be aligned to the Chartered Institute of Marketing development programme, pitched at Level 3.

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