A successful Community Partnership Group meeting

Parents, carers and local stakeholders came together on 4 October 2016 to discuss the future of A Better Start Southend at a Community Partnership Group meeting.

A number of issues were identified as priorities for the coming months including encouraging parents and carers to get involved so that every part of the community is represented at all stages of the programme as it develops. This diagram shows how parents and carers will be involved at each of the five stages from contributing/discussing ideas at community meetings, developing projects alongside professionals and monitoring progress and spend across the programme.

Discussions also highlighted the need for people to feel confident about playing their part so that the programme can make the most of the skills and resource that exist in all parts of the community.

Interim Programme Director Alison Clare says:

“Co-production is the cornerstone of A Better Start Southend and we’re working to ensure that parents and carers are represented at every single stage of the process. Evidence shows that involving the people who will ultimately use the services not only improves the services but also their experience of them. A Better Start can be a turning point in how support is devised and delivered in Southend and I want all local parents, carers and members of the workforce to feel able to play a role as the project builds.”

To ensure that parents are involved at every level we are looking for an organisation to develop and implement a co-production model across A Better Start Southend. For more information you can view the brief on Contracts Finder.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to sign up to be part of A Better Start Southend please email abetterstart@southend.gov.uk.

You can read the full notes from the Community Partnership Group meeting here.

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Article published November 2016