Effective and secure sharing of information between our partner organisations is key to A Better Start Southend providing co-ordinated and seamless services. The importance of this has been heightened since the arrival of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. This brought stringent requirements which we follow to ensure that information is shared in a way that is fair, transparent and in line with the rights and expectations of the people whose information we are sharing.

Both data collection around the projects and data processing are integral to evaluation and learning. This information helps us learn from the successes and challenges of any projects, identify opportunities and through this help Southend’s children and families. From the New Year, our partners Family Action (which runs all Southend’s children’s centres) are set to manage ABSS data collection, with data input and analysis being managed by fellow partners Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Additionally, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council also manages overall ABSS data, analyses and produces reports and data dashboards which shapes the work that we do.

To help overcome the challenges encountered with sharing information (such as agreeing a legal basis and specific purpose for sharing), especially with the arrival of GDPR, we have formed a Southend Family Network between all of our partners. Through this network, we aim to achieve a number of key steps such as effective and secure sharing of information. These will include the establishing of a Joint Controller Agreement, defining the roles and responsibilities of all partners, as well as controllers’ liabilities, a unified Registration Form/Privacy Notice to be used by providers and a Data Processor Agreement to be signed by relevant key partners incorporating GDPR requirements.

These steps will enable us to achieve a number of benefits, including improved data quality, tighter control and effective data management and better protection for individuals when data is shared. At A Better Start Southend we are proud of our achievements, alongside our partners, in maintaining effective and robust data management processes and we are very grateful to our dedicated team of staff, partners and advisors who have assisted on this journey. If you have any questions about our data/information processing and sharing, please contact omolade.oshunremi@pre-school.org.uk 01702 356050.

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