There are three stages in the ABSS evaluation cycle for our services, projects and activities:

  • Process evaluation (on-going monitoring);
  • Formative evaluation (mid-way reporting); and
  • Independent summative report

This will also support the evidence of our overall progress against our short, medium and long-term outcomes (impact), as well as the national studies of the A Better Start programme.

How will we know that we have been successful?

  • We have evidence that we have made a sustainable difference, impact and have achieved the outcomes;
  • We have evidence that we are delivering positive change against issues or problems related to the early years;
  • That we have made a positive difference to the agreed percentage of the population in the ABSS wards;
  • That the service or activity has shown efficiency with savings in time and money;
  • That quality of the content has been sustained or enhanced;
  • That a model has been produced that can be replicated or scaled elsewhere

If you would like any further information about how we are researching, evaluating and evidencing our work please contact Rachel Wood, ABSS Service Design and Researcher, rachel.wood@pre-school.org.uk 01702 356050