You will have your chance to have your say on a new A Better Start Southend mascot very soon as the creative ideas from children in the ABSS areas have been made into reality. The parent-led process has involved children generating a whole range of imaginative ideas which have been whittled down to four options. Following this long and productive journey, we now need you all to choose your favourite!

The Mascot Group, made up of Parent Champions as well as representatives from ABSS and SAVS (who are running our Co-production project), are proud to present four mascot options for the public to choose from. The names for the four different options aren’t official, but they can loosely be labelled as ‘Humanoid’, ‘Blob’, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Avocado’!

The ideas for the different mascots were created by children 0-3 and their siblings at three relaxed and fun mascot innovation groups over the summer in ABSS areas, as well as by children from the Triple Ts Youth Clubs. With a range of materials to help their creativity, the ideas flowed (around 100 altogether!) and it was a tough task for the Mascot Group to reduce them down to 20. After much deliberation, that involved the incorporation of different aspects from different children’s creations, the four were chosen.

To give the ideas a dash of colour, children were invited to colour in the options using the range of ABSS branding options, with the most popular and effective colours taken from the children’s efforts  (out of the almost 70 that came in) and used to create the final four.

Michelle, Parent Champion and ABSS Mascot Group member says: “I have loved every stage of this project it has been a real journey of co-production and fun, I guess that is what it is all about. We have also had a lot of fun as a family when adding colour to the final designs all with our own ideas about how this should be done. They are all winners in my book, the children are going to love them.” Fellow Parent Champion and group member Zoe adds: “It’s been fun and interesting seeing the kids’ ideas come to life.”

If you want to see the mascot options up close and personal and find out more about the process of how they came to be, come along to the Focal Point Gallery at the Forum on 10th October (10am-4pm). Focal Point Gallery have kindly allowed us space to exhibit Humanoid, Blob, Rainbow and Avocado so come along and tell us your favourite and why!

You can also tell us your favourite in the comments section below!


  1. Dominika Perez says:

    Hello. I’m a mum of two,age 1 & 2 and half.
    I like rainbow mascot the most as it’s the most colourful,happy and it can teach them about the colours.

  2. Better Start says:

    Thanks for letting us know your favourite Dominika 🙂

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