So, Christmas is almost upon us; what is a nutritionist supposed to write without appearing to be a real kill joy? As Christmas calories DO count, if you choose your indulgent treats carefully, you can still enjoy your favourite foods without overdoing your sugar intake – so please read the labels!

As an example of the difference between the products, research by a team of White Glo dentists found that, for example, Waitrose all butter mince pies contain less than half the amount of sugar than Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference product, while choosing Walkers shortbread instead of Fox’s Christmas selection can reduce your sugar consumption by two-thirds!

Those lovely dentists at White Glo have been kind enough to produce a table of popular Christmas treats showing those with the most and the least sugar content.

Common Childhood Illnesses


On the theme of Christmas treats, remember this is a particularly hard time of year for some people, and an opportunity for you to extend particular kindness or generosity. It might be time you’re giving; popping in to an elderly neighbour living alone for a cup of tea. Another way to show your generosity might be to include The Storehouse (or any other food bank) on your Christmas list; at this time of year they are particularly in need of toys for parents to give their children when they otherwise may not be able. The ABSS staff have chosen to donate toys rather than send Christmas cards.

You can contact The Storehouse if you would like more information, or contact other food banks in Southend.

We wish you all a lovely holiday and a very Happy New Year!


Article published December 2017

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