Everyone wants the best for their children, but it can be hard to know what to do as a parent in the early years. That’s where HENRY comes in. In the A Better Start Southend areas, the HENRY programme is for parents or carers of children aged 0 to their 4th birthday, free to join and helps you give your child the best possible start in life.

There are thousands of families across the country who have benefited from the support and tips it provides for young families. Research shows that the key ingredients to ensuring babies and young children have a healthy start in life are:

  • Parenting confidence
  • Physical activity for little ones
  • What children and families eat
  • Family lifestyle habits
  • Enjoying life as a family

HENRY covers these five themes across eight weeks and provides everything you need to help get your little one off to a great start.

Weekly sessions

Each week helps you provide a healthy, happy, supportive environment for the whole family.

Week 1 – Decide what changes you want to make and set your own goals

Week 2 – How to juggle life with young children so you all get what you need

Week 3 – How to respond to children’s needs without giving in to all their demands

Week 4 – Positive mealtime tips for a happy family – reducing mealtime stress for everyone

Week 5 – Ideas for active play to help children learn, develop and stay happy

Week 6 – Food groups, food labels, portion sizes for under 5s, first foods, and snack swaps

Week 7 – Understanding and managing your child’s behaviour for a happier home

Week 8 – Celebrate your success as a parent and plan the future for your family

Is the HENRY programme for me?

The HENRY programme can help everyone with a baby or young child and every parent who joins learns something new and useful. If you are in an ABSS area, have at least one child under 4* years old and can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below then HENRY is for you:

  • Would you like to feel more confident as a parent?
  • Would you like some support to give your child a healthy start?
  • Do you wish your child would eat more fruit and vegetables?
  • Would you like to reduce mealtime stress?
  • Would you like to enjoy being active together as a family more often?
  • Are you interested in some ideas to get children away from the TV?

How can I join a programme?

If you are interested in the HENRY programme through A Better Start Southend, contact HENRY Service Coordinators Patrizia Pessenda-Garcia: 07519109875 Patrizia.pessenda-garcia@henry.org.uk or Megan Stannett: 07851 251519 megan.stannett@henry.org.uk


* Though HENRY nationwide is for those aged 0-5, in the ABSS programme, we will be using the ABSS age range of 0 to a child’s 4th birthday.


Click here for the online version of the HENRY leaflet