We are delighted to be working alongside Family Action (the organisation running Southend’s Children’s Centres) and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to deliver a pilot project exploring how we can build on the strengths of Southend’s Children’s Centres, improve integrated working and build stronger partnerships with the local community.

As part of the initial research process of the pilot project, which will involve a number of other organisations across the borough, two Pilot Scheme Workshops will take place at the start of March to determine how the community uses the Children’s Centres and how users and professionals feel the services already available could be built upon. These will take place on:

Wednesday 6th March at Friars Children’s Centre (3-5pm) and;

Thursday 7th March at Centre Place Children’s Centre (4-6pm)

At the workshops, A Better Start Southend, Family Action and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council will also be asking some further key questions, such as: What are the Children’s Centres for? What role can the community play? How can we better bring together the services the community wants? How can we best share information? And; What services could be provided? You can drop in anytime throughout the afternoon and have your say; presentations will be happening every half hour and drinks and refreshments will be available.

Responses received from the workshops will be collated and shared with workshop participants and the Integrated Children’s Centres Steering Group (A Better Start Southend, Family Action, Southend Borough Council and Parent Champions), to prepare for a launch in the spring. If you are unable to attend the workshops but still want to give your feedback, you can contact Lauren Dolphin on 01702 356050.


A Better Start Southend, along with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Family Action, have been working together with a range of Partners to develop two pilot projects based at Friars and Centre Place Children’s Centres, exploring ways of enhancing the offer available to local children and families. The Partners are delighted that this work will now be brought into the mainstream service to be delivered by Family Action across the Borough’s Children’s Centres. A Better Start Southend will continue to support Family Action and others in developing new approaches to working with Southend’s very youngest children. All enquiries regarding becoming involved with Children’s Centres should be directed to Family Action at sally.manzoni@family-action.org.uk” 

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