At A Better Start Southend we are excited to announce about our upcoming Introducing Solid Foods project, due to start in late spring/summer. The new project is an activity guiding parents of 3-4 month-olds as to how and when to introduce solid foods to babies. The project is of course mindful of the recommendation to sustain exclusive breastfeeding (or appropriate formula) for the first six months of life as breastmilk (or an appropriate infant formula) provides all the nutrients a baby needs up until this time.

Between six months and one year is when a baby is most receptive to new tastes and textures, and that time is a great opportunity to introduce a wide and varied diet. This means that by one year they will be eating a wide range of foods. This is a key consideration of the new project to help ensure that healthily, diverse lifelong dietary preferences can be established at the very earliest stages.

The project aims to provide the latest evidence-based guidance provided by HENRY to health visitors who will be conducting a new, 3-4 month contact for parents in the Valkyrie West area (covering the majority of the Victoria, Westborough and Milton wards) as well as mothers who are service users of the Family Nurse Partnership. From early 2019, children’s centre staff will also be receiving the training (delivered by HENRY) so they can advise mothers in their locations.

If you would like to find out more about the project please email or call 01702 356050.


Article published April 2018

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