Running since spring 2019, our Joint Paediatric Clinic project is working with our Partners Southend Hospital, Southend CCG and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council in helping provide more effective care and care closer to home for children and their families in the community.

When your GP feels your child needs to see a paediatrician, they refer them to the hospital. For both parents and children, visits like these to the hospital can be a stressful experience. We are working with our Partners at the Clinical Commissioning Group and the hospital to enable children to be seen locally by a paediatrician and GP – at a Joint Paediatric Clinic within the community, based at a GP surgery or children’s centre.

The Joint Paediatric Clinic is delivered in partnership by the GP and Paediatrician and aims to create a single place for parents to access community children’s services, reducing the need to attend a hospital and allowing children to access secondary care (a hospital consultant) within the community.

The Joint Paediatric Clinics, hosted in a GP surgery, allow your child to be seen by the appropriate medical specialist quicker than if they were referred to general paediatric outpatients, and in an environment they recognise and feel safe in. The GP and Paediatrician will then review and assess who is best placed to provide their ongoing care.

Alongside the benefits for visitors to the clinic, the project will also improve collaboration and communication between healthcare professionals, as well as helping children receive an improved standard of care, with better access to specialist care and more positive health outcomes.

This exciting project is initially focused in the East Central Locality, of which the A Better Start Southend funding is going towards families in the Kursaal and Victoria wards. The aim is that this will then be able to be rolled out so that all children aged under 4 within A Better Start Southend wards will be able to access a clinic if needed.

For more information, contact Julie Lannon – or speak to your GP surgery.

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