In October last year, we began to recruit a new Project Manager, who would have a focus on Engagement and Co-production within their role. In February 2020, Keighley Hylton was recruited, and began to work within the A Better Start Southend Project Management team!

Keighley is an Association for Nutrition registered Public Health Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition, and a Master of Science in Global Public Health Nutrition. Before joining us at A Better Start Southend, Keighley worked for Public Health England’s National Cardiovascular Disease team, managing the NHS Health Checks Programme. Keighley spent the early part of her career developing and delivering Child Weight Management services for the NHS and Local Authorities, as well as spending six years working within a community setting.

Joining A Better Start Southend as a Project Manager for Engagement and Co-production, Keighley’s focus is to keep parents and carers at the heart of all of our projects and will ensure they are involved in every step of the planning, delivery and the reviewing of them. Keighley’s beliefs in community-led change fit well within the programme, as parents and carers are involved at every stage of the programme.

Having been in post just two weeks, Keighley has hit the ground running, visiting projects and attending meetings to get herself well embedded within the programme. At the time of her recruitment, Keighley said:

“I am excited to be part of such an innovative project which will help to support people experiencing health inequalities – as well as other challenges – a subject which is very close to my heart.”

Outside of work, Keighley enjoys cooking, boxing, going to the gym, and keeping healthy and well. We are very excited to have Keighley working very closely with parents, children and partners across the borough to support us in giving Southend’s children the best start in life. Wendy Bailey, Programme Manager for A Better Start Southend said:

“We are really excited to have Keighley join us at A Better Start Southend, she brings much needed Community Engagement and Co-production capacity to the team as well as knowledge of public and child health focused NHS schemes.

Keighley’s strong academic credentials and extensive practice based experience of working alongside and within communities to effect change sits at the heart of the ABSS vision.  I have no doubt Keighley’s experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy will be of enormous benefit to the ABSS community.”

Welcome on board Keighley!



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