The impact of our Let’s Talk project is being felt in the six ABSS wards as they saw a significant rise in ‘appropriate’ transfers to the EPUT Speech and Language Therapy service in our most recent data. The number of children transferred into the main EPUT Speech and Language Therapy Service went down by 15% in the most recent quarter compared with the previous year.

In addition, the most recent quarter saw 100% of transfers from the ABSS areas being appropriate, compared to 77% in the same wards in the previous year. This compares to 79% this last quarter in the non-ABSS areas in Southend. We are looking to continue this rate of success throughout the year and going forward.

Over 100 children were referred to our ABSS speech and language team in the most recent quarter (October-December 2017), with 348 referred between September 2016-October 2017.

The Let’s Talk project has been running since September 2016, with an ever expanding number of free courses aimed at helping give parents the skills they need to best develop their child’s communication skills. The current Let’s Talk courses are: Let’s Talk with Your Baby (6-9 months); Talking Tiddlers (12-18 Months); Talking Toddlers (18-24 Months); Little Listeners (2+ years); Chatting Children (2+ years) and Super Sounds (3+ years).

We also have regular Talking Walk-In sessions for parents with concerns about their child’s speech, language or communication skills and invite all 23-month-olds in the ABSS areas to a 23-Month Birthday Party speech and language check.

Find out more about our Let’s Talk courses here. You can also contact the team on 01702 356056.


Article published March 2018

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