High demand for successful Let’s Talk pilot

The Let’s Talk with Your Baby communication course has continued its successful run with further sessions delivered at children’s centres and nurseries across Southend, with 25 parents taking part in September alone.

Funded by the Big Lottery through A Better Start Southend, Let’s Talk with Your Baby is a free, seven week course for mums, dads and their babies aged between six and nine months, giving parents the chance to develop their baby’s communication skills.

Our senior speech and language therapist Isobel Wratislaw says:

“Long before they can speak, babies make eye contact and learn to understand our tone of voice. Using sound, touch and play to develop their communication skills early on in their lives has a huge impact on a baby’s development.

“Investing in these services for very young children and their parents helps bond families and lays strong foundations for their future. Supporting happy, healthy children who are able to communicate with confidence ensures their lives more stable in the long-term. We’ve had fantastic feedback from parents taking part and we’re pleased to be organising more sessions for 2017.”

Each class is one hour and covers topics using the key senses of look and touch. By being involved in the activity together, mums, dads and carers also learn how to carry on with the activities at home.

Parents came away inspired:

“I really enjoy the opportunity to mix with other babies and parents, and the sessions are brilliant and informative. I always look forward to repeating the activities at home because the materials we use are free and usually things that we already have! The sessions remind me about things that I sometimes forget, like using eye contact. I think Sebastian really enjoyed the messy play – it was very exciting.” – Richard, dad to Sebastian

“The sessions have been great so far: they give me lots of ideas, for example, using different textures found around the house. We really enjoyed the music session, especially the different rhythms and beats. I usually have the radio on at home, but I don’t usually make music an activity – I’ll try it now.” – Gemma, mum to Lois

The classes are free and open to parents and carers of babies aged six to nine months in Southend. For more information visit www.southendinfopoint.org or contact your local children’s centre.

Article published November 2016