With our new focus on diet and nutrition, we have launched monthly diet and nutrition guidance, available for free here on our website.

The advice is designed to help the community in Southend understand the key nutritional information that they need. The expert advice can help you with issues such as sugar, hydration and understanding food labels.

Barbara Goldberg, A Better Start Southend’s Diet and Nutrition Lead, who has developed the advice, says:

“We are constantly being bombarded with dietary information in the media and it can be hard to keep up with the latest advice.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to provide some basic guidance to help people make decisions about what they buy, how to interpret what they read about nutrition and consider what they consume – and why! They say “knowledge is power”; we hope these simple messages give parents the power to make informed decisions rather than fall prey to the marketing activities of the food industry.”

The advice will complement the Infant Feeding Programme, being developed by A Better Start Southend to encourage parents to make the best decisions about feeding their baby. The programme aims to support breastfeeding wherever possible and provides information and guidance about feeding when breast milk or formula is no longer sufficient for a growing infant’s needs. The programme will concentrate on providing help from professionals and peers, ensuring that parents feel informed and supported during the earliest months of their babies’ lives.

In addition, the Healthy Child Programme is being updated to include more opportunities for health visitors to meet with parents to offer guidance and information when this knowledge is most relevant and will have most impact.

The 12 monthly diet advice pieces will be available on the A Better Start Southend website, starting with the first guide on sugar.


Article published June 2017

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