Pip’s Treasure Hunt – Saturday 1st – Sunday 16th April 2023


We hope you enjoyed Pip’s Treasure Hunt and learnt more about the City of Southend and the services A Better Start Southend can offer families with young children aged 0-3 years.

For those who didn’t take part, the aim of the game was to find our colourful mascot Pip around the City, collect points, complete tasks and if possible, make it onto the leader board!

The app and event was co-produced by ABSS, our Parent Champions and Engagement Team.

Even though Pip’s Treasure Hunt has finished, please remember:

  • To click “Finish Bound” in order to complete the Hunt so your results will show on the leader board! This will also help us to see how many people played
  • Complete the 1 minute survey to let us know what you thought of Pip’s Treasure Hunt: PIP’S TREASURE HUNT SURVEY
  • Download your CERTIFICATE. You don’t need to have finished the whole of Pip’s Treasure Hunt to do this
  • Add the hashtag #IFoundPip to your social media posts


Who is Pip?

Pip is our colourful mascot, created from the ideas of Southend’s young children, designed through a parent-led process and selected after the votes of more than 1,000 people across Southend!

What is A Better Start Southend?

A Better Start Southend is a partnership of local services that support families, to improve the lives of children aged 0-3 who live in ABSS areas.

We work closely with our Parent Champion volunteers to understand, co-design and co-produce services to benefit ABSS families.

We use real evidence from our partners, parents and previous test and learn projects to determine the needs of our community.

Pip’s Treasure Hunt is open to all but how do you find out if A Better Start Southend can support you?

  • Do have a child aged 0-3 years old?
  • Do you live in one of the A Better Start Southend wards (Westborough, Victoria, Milton, Kursaal, West Shoebury or Shoeburyness)? Find out on our postcode checker .

If you answer yes to both questions, you can contact the ABSS Engagement Team at abetterstart@savs-southend.co.uk to find out more about what A Better Start Southend is doing in your community.

Also, follow our social media for events, updates and information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .