Preparing to welcome your new baby to the world is a very exciting time. We also know that preparing for parenthood – especially during a worldwide pandemic – can bring challenges.

That’s why our Preparation for Parenthood team at HENRY have developed a fantastic host of online resources for parents within A Better Start Southend wards, with their new Digital Package! The free 6 week, 1-to-1 package includes audio clips, resources, activities and videos to enable parents to explore the following topics within their own time:

  •  becoming a parent
  • a healthy pregnancy
  • bonding and caring for your baby
  • labour and birth
  • life with a new baby

Our Preparation for Parenthood team will be there every step of the way. As parents move through the weekly activities, the team will support throughout the journey with weekly 1-to-1 follow-up phone calls, allowing families to ask questions and receive further information. Parents can also join WhatsApp community groups and additional group video calls to meet other expectant parents and enjoy some much needed peer-to-peer support. This extensive blended approach to supporting families in preparing for parenthood allows for extra flexibility during the pandemic, while also offering strong support for new families.

Parents are encouraged to attend whether this is their first baby or fifth! Partners, friends and family are also welcome to join alongside expectant parents.For more information about the course, and to gain access to the resources, Anne-Marie on 07593 441024.

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