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Service DesignApplying design knowledge in an integrated context to create innovation and impact

Why service design works:

  • It puts our children, community and future first
  • It combines business (‘test’) and creativity (‘learn’)
  • Its proven to work for new challenges with a service orientation
  • It helps to solve ‘real’ issues
  • It provides a ‘road map’ to solution

Service Design Knowledge Lab

“In testing and learning we remain open to ideas and change at all stages” – Parent Champion 2018

At A Better Start Southend all services are designed, developed and evaluated through our service design process. This enables us to apply design in an integrated context to create innovation and impact.

Our Service Design and Evaluation Framework are available for download and print copies are also available on request.

We are currently in the process of developing a wide range of resources, tools and presentations to support this.

The Knowledge Lab is a live prototype so please join in the conversation so that we can develop it to meet our aspirations for outcomes for children.

If you have any questions about the Knowledge Exchange, or would like to get in touch, contact: 01702 356050