We are delighted to have our new Starting Solids project up and running. The new project consists of a two hour workshop, providing families with the knowledge, skills and tools to help understand when and how to introduce solid foods to their baby at 6 months old.

The workshop helps parents decide on a number of key questions, including; When is your baby is ready to try solid food?; What foods should they start with?; When is your baby hungry and when have they had enough?; How can you make meal times an enjoyable experience for both of you?

The two-hour workshops are being run by Family Action and take place at the children’s centres in A Better Start Southend areas. Organised by HENRY, the workshop helps get your baby off to a great start!

The workshops, which run every month, are at the four children’s centres in A Better Start Southend areas (Friars Children’s Centre, Cambridge Road Children’s Centre, Summercourt Children’s Centre and Centre Place Family Centre).

It is only recommended to attend one workshop as the information provided will be repeated for each one. Though crèche is not provided for the workshops, parents are welcome to attend with baby. If you want to find out more information or to would like to book onto a workshop, call 01702 220810 (choose option 1).


Look out for upcoming workshops in the New Year!

Friars Children’s Centre (workshops 1.30-3.30pm)
16/01/19, 30/01/19, 13/02/19, 27/02/19, 13/03/19, 27/03/19

Cambridge Road Children’s Centre (workshops 1.30-3.30pm)
10/01/19, 07/02/19, 07/03/19

Summercourt Children’s Centre (workshops 9.30-11.30pm)
25/01/19, 22/02/19, 08/03/19

Centre Place Family Centre (workshops 12.30-2.30pm)
18/01/19, 15/02/19, 15/03/19



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