WellComm language toolkit introduced to Southend children’s centres

This month (January 2017) sees the introduction of a new speech and language screening toolkit in Southend children’s centres and other venues around the borough. The screening will help monitor children’s communication development and identify those who need extra support.

WellComm uses a simple traffic light system to assess children’s communication levels, and help identify those who may have language difficulties, as well as suggesting the different kinds of support that might help. The toolkits will be used in fun party-style events hosted at local community venues and children’s centres, during which children approaching their second birthdays can be assessed through play.

Isobel Wratislaw, A Better Start Southend’s Communication and Language Lead, says:

“If children fall behind in their speech and communication early on it can cause problems later in life. As many as one in 10 children under five experience some degree of difficulty in these areas. It’s really important to spot problems early, and work with the children and their families to address the issues before children start school. The WellComm toolkit is a great way into this, at just the right stage.”

Eventually, A Better Start Southend hopes to introduce the screening into schools, to establish a baseline for local children’s communication development.

For more information on WellComm please contact the speech and language team on 01702 534549.


Article published January 2017

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