OPPORTUNITY! We’re looking for parents to help us shape our legacy – can you help?

We want to employ parents as experts by experience to help us leave a decent legacy for our families in Southend and to think how and what might be sustainable in the future?

You need to be

  • Willing to share your experience.
  • Able to judge the work of others.
  • To give an honest opinion.
  • To ask others opinions.
  • To help us come up with imaginative ideas.

You’ll be working with a fabulous team called Social Minds who we have recently appointed to work with us look at the future!

We will

  • Be supportive
  • Listen to you
  • Ensure your contributions are valued
  • Pay you for your time

For an informal discussion ring Neil on 07515 067 277 or e-mail your interest to: Neil.Woodbridge@socialminds.org.uk

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