Growing and harvesting vegetables to feed the family is a popular hobby for many parents, but lack of knowledge, space and time can be obstacles to taking up this rewarding pastime.

A new project funded through the A Better Start Southend Community Ideas and Development Seed Fund will see parents and expectant parents living within ABSS wards supported in growing delicious and healthy food for the whole family, in their homes.

Microgreens – run by Cultiv8, a community organisation responsible for running projects all over the country – will provide kits to A Better Start Southend families who want to enjoy growing seeds from home. These kits will include all the materials needed; seeds for herbs and greens, videos to help support the process and even some fun worksheets and exercises to help young children learn the names of the things they are growing.

This project is set to be a fantastic first engagement for families that are new to the A Better Start Southend programme, and can help them to access other community projects. Above all, it will help families get the best nutrition, as well as providing inspiration to spend that all important quality time together.


  1. Gaynor Solly says:

    What a fantastic idea! I hope it gets lots of families involved. I run the Hamlet Court Road Shops website in Westcliff, which was set up in March 2020 initially to promote and support local businesses. Over the year more residents and community groups have got involved aiming to make the area a happy, attractive and sustainable place to live, work & visit. Currently I am working to get more biodiversity into the street, and hoping to encourage residents & landlords to increase the number of plants suitable for pollinators. The kit & training is exactly what I’ve been looking for so I will contact Cultiv8. Also, if you’re in agreement, I would like to put your ‘A Better Start Southend Community Ideas and Development Seed Fund’ on our Home page which is currently promoting local community initiatives.

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